Family Law

Divorce decree and envelope on wooden backgroundThe process of “undoing” the family whether it be a Separation Agreement, Parenting Orders, Protection Orders, Property Agreements or dissolution of relationships they are all referred to in the generic term of Family Law and the team at Kelly Flavell Law have the skill and expertise to guide you through the many traps and pitfalls of life.

Any relationship where people live together becomes subject to the application of the laws relating to the fair and appropriate division of assets acquired by the parties during the period that they lived together whether they are married, in a civil union or a de facto relationship. Once you have lived together for a period of 3 years all property acquired by either party is devisable on a 50/50 basis unless the parties have prior to that date entered into a contractual relationship in writing witnessed by independent lawyers recording their alternative wishes for the handling their assets in the event of either a relationship split or a death.

The team at Kelly Flavell Law are well versed in preparation of documentation recording the wishes and desires in terms of:

  • Contracting out agreements
  • Contracting in agreements
  • De facto agreements
  • Pre-nuptual agreements
  • Matrimonial property agreements.

The preparation of agreements recording and reflecting the emotional impact of family change is not without its difficulties and the team at Kelly Flavell Law are both empathetic and fair minded, giving balance and clear guidance to what can or cannot be done in the various circumstances with which client’s are confronted with in relation to Family Law.

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