Conveyancing & Property Law

familie im gro├čen hausFor nearly 45 years Kelly Flavell has assisted countless numbers of Aucklanders to move house. His team are well skilled and highly experienced with all the complex elements of Conveyancing.

The process of buying and selling houses in New Zealand has become more rigorous as a result of changes to local authority regulations, building regulations, leaking home syndrome and the disclosure regime now imposed by the Real Estate Agents Authority.

Every step along the way you can rest assured that you will be guided by Kelly Flavell Law and in the appropriate direction.

  • Searching the title and encumbrances and advising on those as and where necessary
  • Stepping you through the process of obtaining Land Information Memorandums (LIM) from the relevant Local Authority and interpreting the LIM for you
  • Guiding you through Builder’s Reports and advising on them
  • Liaising with Banks and Mortgage Brokers as necessary
  • Negotiating over building issues and LIM related matters

Sold Real Estate Sign Many For Sale Signs Homes on MarketOn some occasions you will not be buying or selling but changing banks or borrowing against your home. The team at Kelly Flavell Law understand the process and the urgency and will do their best to ensure the activity is smooth and efficient for you.

Kelly Flavell Law takes great delight in ensuring that you understand and are confidently engaged in the conveyancing process.

Buying or selling a house, or obtaining and/or refinancing your mortgages, using the services of Kelly Flavell Law will be a positive and informative experience which will stand you in good stead for the next occasion when you wish to convey your house, be it buying or selling.

Kelly Flavell Law believe in fair and open pricing. Kelly Flavell was one of the first Solicitors to create transparency for conveyancing fees. You can call to speak to us directly on how we can help you with your specific needs on 09 535 2150